Speech Therapist

We believe that the best is to promote a real integration of a child in his daily life. That's why our collaborators travel, with their equipment and ideas, to meet children in their usual environment. We offer a variety of quality services to stimulate the verbal skills of your child. We also help the child’s parents and relatives to do the same.

Our different services in speech therapy:

We can help children who have difficulties with communication and language by offering speech-language services such as:

  • group speech screening;
  • A basic or more thorough speech evaluation
  • Individual, subgroup or group intervention;
  • Group animations to stimulate language
  • Develop action plans for speech-language pathology;
  • Help in support or integration plans in a daycare
  • Help prevent language difficulties;
  • Train speakers or parents for different themes
  • And many other things

Our innovative and unique approach to daycare is very different from what we usually see in the community.

To make an appointment with one of our specialist partners or for the price list please contact us at 514-750-7777