There are two types of outings: Educational and sports outings. Outings are carried out only for children aged two years and above. Educational outings are organized in order to optimize the stimulation field of the child, who is often confined to the daycare’s routine. As far as we are concerned, for instance, a visit to a fruit-cultivation field is organized in autumn, to the sugar shack in spring, the library, the supermarket and to the house of elderly. Sports outings are defrayed by the nursery. They are carried out in Montreal City, next to the nursery, in parks, swimming pools and mainly in a gymnastic centre specialized for children.

Language and handwriting

The songs, nursery rhymes and games convey to the child the right expression and the sound use of French and English languages. Naming and writing the objects surrounding the child stimulate the language acquisition and the writing awareness.

Reading awareness

Books discovery is the first child’s step towards reading. Putting books at the children’s disposal may encourage them to tell stories to each other and wonder about the pictures in order to understand the meaning. Visual Arts It is the ideal moment for a child to express his creativity, artistic expression and visual representation of objects via paint brushes, colours, construction materials, crafts, etc.


The activities of observation, discovery, experimentation with basic materials (water, rocks and animals), the five senses, and the environment aim at stimulating and orienting the child’s curiosity towards the world of nature.

Mathematical awareness

Concepts of numbers, classification, seriation, heights, time, symmetry and simple geometric forms are the basics of the intellectual operations. The activities facilitate the understanding of these concepts by the child.

Sound Awareness

Those activities aim at refining the auditory perfection of familiar sounds, developing the musical sense as well as the artistic and rhythmic expression capacities. Zumba and percussion workshop are carried out throughout the year.


With regards to psychomotricity, there are two main child aspects to be developed: Global motor skills stimulate the entire general aspects of the body, such as learning to stand in balance. Then, the physical exercises will lead to a better psychometric coordination, and help the child to better feel his body and use it in the most possibly adequate way. As to fine motor skills, they stimulate child’s creativity and enable him to control his fingers, hands and eyes in a better way.