Educational Program

The daycare offers an educational program that observes that of early childhood centers (Playing is awesome)
** Every child is unique;
** The child’s development is a global and integrated process;
** The child is the first agent of his own development;
** The child learns through the game;
** The collaboration between the educational staff and the parents contributes to the harmonious development of the child.

Schedule of the daily children’s activities

The schedule is regular and allows the child to fit himself within. The activities are formed according to the children’s biological and individual pace. This is the schedule of one day at the daycare. Certainly, this schedule varies a little bit from a group to another.

(Organizational table of the week)

The Activities

The implementation of the educational program is made through a theme process. It consists of putting at the disposal of the child (during the week) some objects, books and games related to the weekly theme. The child has the right to manipulate those games the way he wants: he may use them as much as he wants in his workshops as well as in his crafts and the external playground. All week long, the instructor of your child will introduce, through his regular activities, some others related to the theme of the week for every child’s development aspect such as the table in the next page.

Our team

All the instructors at the daycare have a pertinent experience and/or an educational certificate authenticated by the Ministry. They are responsible for the development and implementation of the educational program and the health policy in general for the age group they are in charge of.
Our professional, dynamic and devoted team offers stimulating, enriching and entertaining activities while making sure each child gets the best development and uses his full potential.


Special events

Special events are more precisely celebration occasions, such as Christmas, the arrival of Santa Clause, a child’s birthday, the welcoming of a magician at the daycare, the arrival of the Easter rabbit etc. All those special occasions aim at embellishing the daily activities.