play is magic

All Québec daycare services must implement an educational program that includes activities that:
1- To promote the overall development of the child by allowing him to develop all the dimensions of his person in particular on the emotional, social, moral, cognitive, linguistic, physical and motor.
2- gradually bring the child to adapt to life in a community and to integrate harmoniously.
The five basic principles that underlie the Ministry's educational program are:

  • Every child is unique
  • Child development is a comprehensive and integrated process
  • The child is the first agent of his development
  • The child learns through play
  • Collaboration between educators and parents is essential to the harmonious development of the child.
The 4 main dimensions of a quality day care service are:
  • the quality of interactions between educators and children;
  • the quality of interactions between educators and parents;
  • structuring and layout of the premises;
  • structuring and diversity of activities offered to children.